A Natural Extension of Our Core,
Award-Winning Roofing Business

As a subsidiary of the Russell Roofing Co. and sister company to Russell Skylights, Russell Solar provides a complete array of services including Site Evaluation, Engineered System Design, Custom Field Installation, Commissioning, and Incentive Guidance and Maintenance, all complying with the applicable regional and national codes & standards.

It is a natural extension of our core, award winning roofing business. Rooftop solar PV systems are 40% roofing. Many non-roofing solar energy providers do not understand roofing systems and ultimately void the warranty of the existing roof by compromising the integrity of the original roof installation.

Russell Solar, LLC has a unique understanding of all aspects of roofing and solar PV systems thus providing a comprehensive solution to the environmentally friendly renewable energy market. However, we are not limited to rooftop systems as we can also provide ground mounted system where needed or desired.

Russell Solar can offer residential, commercial and institutional solar PV systems in any size from 3 kilowatt supplemental to >1 megawatt facility sustaining systems. Russell Roofing and Russell Skylights can offer all forms of roofing, siding, house-wraps, day-lighting, attic insulation and solar hot water systems to serve your energy conservation needs.

With all the Russell Companies,
Peace of Mind is Standard

All of our employees are trained, certified, insured and drug screened and all of our companies carry the highest level of credentials the industries have to offer.

Photo: Solar Panel with Sunflower 5 kW, ground mounted polycrystalline array

Russell Solar will help you get the best rebates, tax incentives and green credits.

PA Sunshine Program
Approved Installer

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